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MKCL’s Center Coordinator, Learning Facilitator (Computer Trainer) & Counselor Empanelment 2017
Please read terms & conditions carefully before you apply.
Terms & Conditions
  • Sep 8 2016 10:34AM

  • This is only a ‘Resource Pool Creation’ initiative and does not directly/indirectly imply ‘Selection & Recruitment’ process of any kind.
  • MKCL will only create an ePlatform for the applicant to connect to MKCL’s Authorized Learning Centers (ALCs) who require competent Center Coordinator, Learning Facilitators (Trainers) and/or Counselors.
  • Selection/non-selection of any/all applicant shall be at the sole discretion of the ALC. Employment of any kind (part-time/full-time) and terms of employment at the ALC will be mutually agreed by the concerned ALC & the Applicant.
  • Under no circumstances MKCL will be responsible directly/indirectly to the applicant/ALC/any third party if the applicant is not selected or employed by any ALC. 
  • MKCL does not guarantee any kind of employment/terms of employment (including remuneration and tenure) to any applicant.
  • All the ALCs are independent entities and are not MKCL's exclusive Franchisees. 
  • MKCL is not involved in deciding the selection process in each ALC.
  • Applicant if employed in any of the ALCs, will become employees of the concerned ALC only and MKCL will not in any manner be directly/indirectly responsible for such employment.  
  • Processing fee (Rs.100/-) paid by applicant is nonrefundable under any circumstances.