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Department of Social Justice, Directorate of Social Welfare, Maharashtra State

Application Process
  • Jul 6 2012 3:31PM

Application Process:

1.    The Director of Social Welfare (DSW)  shall publish the recruitment  

        advertisement for Different  Posts in the Newspaper.

2.    A candidate visits this nearest ALC Center as published in the advertisement or on the    

       website :

3.    Candidates shall purchase the application form from the ALCs as per the

       stipulated price.

4.    Candidates Fills the Application form.

5.    Candidate shall submit the completely filled application form along with required

       document and application fee in cash at the ALC.

6.    After scrutiny ALC coordinator shall make the data entry of form in the online

       software provided by MKCL directly on website using internet through ALC login.

7.    ALC coordinator shall take two prints of entered form. ALC coordinator shall

       provide one copy to the candidate and get one copy signed from him.

8.    In case of any Grievances, Candidates have to submit the grievances to ALC in

       written application at the time of form filling and Approval of Form.

9.    Candidates are requested to visit the Website from time to time.