2/21/2019 4:08:41 AM

Information Services Module

1.  The following information services will facilitate availability of information to all on anytime anywhere basis on the Online Portal (website) which shall be maintained by MKCL:

  • About Directorate/Admission Committee 
  • Academics – information course
  • Information about Colleges
  • Rules and regulations for various academic years
  • Academic schedule 
  • News and Events
  • Circulars/ Ordinances / Notices etc.

Online Registration Module

1.  The online application which will be accessible to the candidates on the internet will have inbuilt intelligence/ validation checks to enable self-scrutiny of application forms and allow only correct data to be entered in to the system.

2.   The software  will have following major sections: (Required as per application form)

  • Personal Information section
  • Addresses section with Tele. or Mobile No.
  • Contact Information section
  • Legal and Social Reservation Information section, if applicable
  • Eligibility Information section
  • This section will check the eligibility in terms of applicant’s qualifying examination, year of passing, required percentage marks, and any other specific information to be captured.
  • Other academic qualification details section.
  • Generation of required documents section
  • Printing of application form section
  • Feedback section
  • Options  form availibility( college preferences )

3.  After registering, applicant will get a unique application form number (login ID) and password. Using the form number, the applicant will be able to instantly know the status of  receipt of his/her application, discrepancy in submission of required documents, if any, details about the admissions etc. on the website.

4.  Candidates will be able to fill in the college preferences in the online application form.

5.  Facility to upload applicant’s passport size photograph and signature on the online application form.

6.  Facility to pay application fee through different payment modes (SBI Challan/Credit card/Debit Card /Internet banking (Online money transfer mode)).

7.  Facility to print the completely filled online application form summary.

8.  Department shall provide list of required documents to be displayed along with the online application to OKCL.

9.  Department shall provide list of Application form Receipt Centers (ARC) for accepting hard copies of filled application along with the required documents to OKCL

10.  OKCL shall facilitate Data Processing software at the centers provided by Department in order to check and verify the eligibility of the application based on the received documents.

Exam Stage Support Module:

1.  Department shall identify examination centers for written examination based on the infrastructure requirement.

2.  MKCL shall allocate exam centers as per the available application data.

3.  MKCL shall make available downloadable online admit cards to the aspiring candidate.

4.  OKCL shall print and provide OMR answer sheet as per the application count and exam center details. Department shall generate and print required quantity of question papers as required.

5.  OKCL shall print and provide attendance sheet and exam related support material to the the Department.

6.  Department shall conduct written examination at the Identified exam centres in transparent, secured and timely manner.

7.  Department shall handover answer sheet in secured manner to OKCL for scanning and result processing and also provide the written logic for processing result .

8.  OKCL shall scan the attempted answer sheet and send the scan images (soft copy) to MKCL.

9.  MKCL shall generate and process written examination result using ICR/OMR technology and logic provided by organization and provide the same to OKCL for further handover.

10.  Department shall check and verify the correctness of the merit list and give written approval to OKCL in order publish merit list on the website.

11.  After approval received from Department MKCL shall publish the result on the website.

Allocation Module:

1.  Department shall provide data related to applicant information to OKCL in the format provided along with the seats available per college.

2.  As per the data of number of seats available in the college (Method-Medium wise, Reservation category wise), the merit of the candidate, and the preferences given by the candidates in the preference form, seats will be allotted to the candidates by MKCL.

3.  MKCL shall publish college wise candidate allotted list on the website and in the college login.

4.  MKCL shall facilitate candidates to download and print the provisional Admission Letter on the website and in candidate login.

Admission Module

1.  MKCL shall provide User Login to all colleges for reporting ADMISSION / REJECTION/ CANCELLATION of admission during the reporting round.

2.  MKCL shall provide User Login to all colleges for submission of vacancy details online.

3.  For vacant seats, MKCL shall generate and publish successive merit lists and carry on successive rounds of the admission process as mentioned above.

4.  For Institute level admissions (which will be conducted at individual college/Institute by respective Management authorities) , waiting lists and college/institute  admission interface will be provided to the respective college/ institutes.