2/21/2019 4:09:25 AM

MKCL is a public limited company established (2001) and promoted by the Higher and Technical Education Department, Government of Maharashtra. MKCL, under its Online Application Solutions and Integrated Services (MKCL’s OASIS) brand, offers end-to-end online admission, online examination with instant results, online selection based on instant merit-list generation, online scholarships disbursements, online recruitments, CRM, government scheme implementation services to exceeding two million+ students/ applicants/ candidates/ beneficiaries every year. The cumulative count of OASIS applicants over last fifteen years has exceeded the 12 million mark!

MKCL’s OASIS Framework supports several government departments, local self-government agencies, semi-government organizations, universities, directorates, boards, educational institutions, banks, public and private employers, etc. for their IT-enabled recruitments in a fast-track manner and with effective outreach to the masses on a state-wide scale including rural, tribal and hilly areas through MKCL Network.

MKCL has designed, developed and successfully deployed state-of-the-art software and statewide online service delivery frameworks for Online / Quasi-Online Admissions and recruitment system. The technology, solutions and services provided under this framework are comparable to the best ones in terms of their architecture, performance, mass personalized services and direct value addition to the aspiring applicants.

MKCL through OASIS framework has successfully offered Online/Quasi online admissions/recruitment solutions and services to more than 6 million applicants across the country

MKCL has successfully implemented this online application across the state for more than 100 Departments of Government of Maharashtra. In all these projects, MKCL was entrusted with the responsibility of designing, developing, the software application that facilitates data entry and uploading the data of application forms of the candidates on a central recruitment portal, facilitate acceptance of application forms along with application fee, allocate examination center and seat number to the candidate, evaluation of answer, generate and publish merit lists and facilitate the entire recruitment process.

This activity is implemented on a state-wide canvas and on a mass-scale through a private-public partnership (PPP) network of more than 5500 Authorized Learning Centers (ALCs) spread over the metropolitan, urban, semi-urban and also the rural, tribal and hilly areas of the state, equipped with about 25,000 state-of-the-art multimedia and Internet ready computers, software, content, communication facilities, web-based management framework, well-trained and certified human resource and MKCL’s brand identity of high repute and recognition among the masses. The District and tehsil wise statistical details of our ALCs network are given on our website

The coordination of this network is done through a fully web-based management framework designed and developed by MKCL. This framework has brought the uniqueness to MKCL management model as it enables almost paperless management of such a massive network in Indian conditions beset with frequent and long power outages, telecom link failures, paucity of bandwidth, in a time-bound manner and on a large geographical region.